Par ex., 06/15/2019
Par ex., 06/15/2019

David Myles

Vendredi, 1 Février 2019


Rock’n’roll’s diverse, electrifying roots dig deep into David Myles’ tenth album, Real Love. You can hear them in the old-school Johnny Cash shuffle and lightning-in-a-bottle twang of “Night And Day.” They pull you by the hand and dance slowly to the swingy drums and ‘50s-era, Roy Orbison croon of “Easy.” With the rousing orchestral thrill of “Night After Night,” they sprawl out into simmering soul as Myles seethes at a lover who’s been running around with another. Over Real Love’s 13 tracks, written as razor-sharp as Myles’ signature suits, those roots grow into a spectacular family tree of American musical tradition—with all its blood, sweat, and tears—that’s as endlessly entertaining as it is riveting.

All this new music injected with rhythm and groove will certainly be shakin’ up Myles’ already enthralling live performances. Even more toe-tapping, more head-nodding, and yes—more hip-swivelling—is coming to the David Myles Road Show with Real Love added to the band’s repertoire. It was written to achieve maximum entertainment, and the gorgeous three-part harmonies of “Dreaming” or the deliriously giddy bounce of “Everybody Knows” will be flooring crowds across the country this year and beyond. Real Love is an absorbing rejuvenation of rock ’n’ roll’s dramatic power—it will make you dance, weep, and never forget where you were the first time you felt it. That’s
how you know love is real, after all.

La coqueluche du Nouveau-Brunswick nous revient avec un tout nouveau spectacle. Le dixième album de David Myles, intitulé Real Love, est rempli de rythmes entraînants, mélangeant avec brio les influences de Johnny Cash et les percussions typiques des années 50. Encore une fois, et pour longtemps après le spectacle, il vous fera danser, chanter et tapper du pied.




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